Tips On Buying Security Screen Doors

When you decide that you want to install security screen doors to increase the safety of your family, you have a lot of choices. And if you have never shopped for security screen doors before, you probably don't know as much about them as you would like. So to help you out, here are some tips that can help you buy the correct door for your needs.

Look For the Construction Material -- When you are shopping for security screen doors, you can buy standard wood, which is a popular option, but you can also buy doors made from wrought-iron, steel and aluminum. If you're going to buy a wood security screen door, you should choose a wood that is hard and durable such as maple, which has a nice red appearance and is often used for heavy objects such as dressers and shelves. You can also choose oak, which is more resistant to fading and warping and stains well.

If you are looking at a security door made from metal, welded steel and welded iron are two good options. These doors feature hinges that are welded instead of screwed, which makes them harder to break down. Steel doors typically have a higher tensile strength than wood doors, and they cost less than genuine wood, though you can buy a composite wood security door that is less expensive than real wood.

Make Sure It's Powder Coated -- You should also look for a security screen door that is powder coated instead of painted. Powder coating is a dry application process in which dry powder that contains tiny aggregates, resins and pigments is sprayed onto a surface with a special gun through a method known as electrostatic spray deposition. The door is electrically charged with a wire so that when the powder hits its surface, it immediately adheres with no drips or imperfections. The door is then baked in a special oven to ensure permanent bonding of the powder coating. Unlike paint that can flake, peel or fade, powder coating maintains a consistent polish and protects your security door against rust. Powder coating also uses no harsh chemicals, which makes it more environmentally-friendly than paint.

Buy a Door That's Sealed -- Before you buy a security screen door, make sure that the door has a felt strip seal instead of a foam tape seal. Felt doesn't break down in harsh weather and it has a high level of moisture resistance. Foam tape seals crack easily and harden in inclement weather, which means your seal will leak. And unlike foam seal, a felt strip seal is easy to nail, staple or tack around your frame, ensuring that the seal remains in place to maximise your protection.

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