Advantages of Security Patrols

As crime rates rise, the need for reliable security is greater than ever before. Security needs vary for each client, and it is important to have a tailored solution that fits your needs and requirements. Your business may need security in the form of 24/7 surveillance cameras in combination with guards, or you may need guards to provide protection to an employee of the company. Mobile security provides on-the-go support to ensure that your premises are protected from all angles. Here are some advantages of security patrols:

  • Tailored security - Security personnel in uniform patrol your premises at certain hours. This ensures the safety of your employees and your premises and ensures that even at night, the safety of the building is not compromised. You can choose the number of security guards you need based upon the level of security you require. These security staff members can also escort staff safely from one point to another.
  • Security for large premises - Patrolling cars offer round-the clock security by constantly going along all routes that are a part of your premises. They will stop at certain points and check all alarms, doors and windows. This is especially suited to businesses that have large premises that make it difficult to have designated security guards at every corner. 
  • Immediate attention at site - At the event of any security breach, the security officers will alert emergency services and police straightaway so that your premises can be secured as soon as possible. 
  • Easy tracking - One of the major advantages of mobile security patrols is that they can be easily tracked. Static guards cannot be tracked, and as such, they may take unauthorised breaks such as a coffee break. Security cars have a built-in GPS system that allows the cars to be tracked. 
  • Less fatigue - Static guards are much more prone to fatigue, especially in the later hours. When guards patrol using vehicles or patrol on foot, they are less prone to fatigue, as they are required to be constantly on the move. This movement helps the guards stay alert.

You should do research into security patrol services and speak with various agencies about your security needs. Companies that provide security patrols will help you decide the number of security guards you require and whether mobile security, static security or a combination of the two is the best option for you and your firm.