5 Interesting Innovations in Home Security

Home security has seen many developments in the past decade, and many security systems once only available to commercial enterprises and properties are becoming more and more accessible for homeowners in Australia. Below are the top five innovations in the home security sector right now.

Advanced Identification

While advanced forms of recognition have seen plenty of commercial use throughout the years, it is fast becoming available to consumers at an affordable rate. Things such as facial recognition that can be found on many tablets and computers today are now being implemented into security scanners for front doors and other places around the home. The benefit of these systems is that they are extremely reliable and notoriously difficult to fool.

Innovations in CCTV

CCTV is fast becoming more affordable, accessible, and easier to use for homeowners across Australia. CCTV and video security systems are now often integrated with mobile phone applications that users can use away from the home. Homeowners can get access to live feeds of their property's cameras at any time of the day and wherever they may be.

An innovative new system gaining popularity amongst homeowners are video doorbells. Video doorbells allow homeowners to see who is knocking at their door or attempting to gain entry without running the risk of exposing themselves through the viewfinders. This nifty piece of technology has also made use of smart-phone integration, allowing users to view the stream on their phone, computer, or tablet.

Security Doors

Security doors have been a popular choice for commercial properties but are now finding more use in residential areas. Security doors are heavily reinforced, have much more complicated lock mechanisms, and can withstand break-ins much more effectively than traditional front doors.

Integrated Systems

In the past, homeowners would often have to buy different systems for different types of hazards, but that is rapidly changing. Innovations in home security have meant that there are more and more integrated security systems and services available for consumers on the market. In fact, systems are becoming smart enough to be able to distinguish between different hazards, whether that be a fire, a burglary, or a specific medical emergency.

Protecting the Digital Space

As can be seen throughout this article, technological integration into home security systems is a key trend affecting the industry right now, and while this creates the potential for more sophisticated and effective security systems, it also adds the possibility of attacks in cyber-space. As such, integrated home security systems are increasingly innovating in areas of data protection and security to make sure that these integrated systems can withstand attacks from the digital space.

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