Top Strategies for Conducting Security Patrols in Residential Areas

Approximately 2.4% of Australian households were broken into between 2018 and 2019. The statistics are worrying; therefore, some homeowners and estate management agencies have resorted to hiring security guards.  A well-protected neighbourhood increases homeowners' confidence and improves the market value of properties. Conducting property walkthroughs or patrols is the best way guards can deter burglars from striking and guarantee safety.  Strategic and well-coordinated patrolling allows security guards to cover each nook and cranny of a property or neighbourhood. Read More 

5 Interesting Innovations in Home Security

Home security has seen many developments in the past decade, and many security systems once only available to commercial enterprises and properties are becoming more and more accessible for homeowners in Australia. Below are the top five innovations in the home security sector right now. Advanced Identification While advanced forms of recognition have seen plenty of commercial use throughout the years, it is fast becoming available to consumers at an affordable rate. Read More