4 Ways Security Screens Are Guaranteed To Make Your Home Safer

Security screens are becoming increasingly common across Australia. Whether you're buying a home or planning to remodel one, installing security screens is a great way to add value to your property. More importantly, you should make sure the security screens you get measure up by actually providing security and not just improving your property's aesthetics. Below, find out how security screens make your home safer, not in just one way, but in several different ways.

Pull & impact resistant technology

Security screens feature a barrage of technologies geared towards making the screens foolproof. Some of these technologies include use of multiple locking systems, use of multiple hinges, welded-on hinges that make the screens jack-proof, use of rivets, use of screws and mesh, among other designs. Other security screens feature special patented technologies as well. All these features guarantee that your security screens will withstand banging, kicking, pulling, pushing, and other burglar attempts.

High quality construction

Secondly, security screens make your home safer thanks to the high quality materials used in their construction. Most screens are made of marine-grade steel or heavy duty aluminium. These materials are also treated against corrosion and UV rays, making them highly durable. Overall, these rigid frames create tough barriers that are resistant to fire, cold, as well as general wear and tear.

The 'deterrence' factor

Another way security screens keep your home safer is through deterrence. In the same way a burglar will keep away from homes with a 'security alarm' sign, security screens too will discourage criminals from attempting to break into your property. This is because the sight of a window or door security screen signals to the burglar that you have already taken stringent measures that will make it very hard for them to get into your home. The deterrence factor is therefore quite beneficial when it comes to security.

Emergency escape features

Last but not least, these security screens make your home safer as they provide you with an emergency exit option. This is most common for security window screens. The escape feature allows you to open the screen from inside and create a quick escape route should you need to exit your home in a hurry. This means that you will never remain prisoner in your own home in case of a fire, gas leak, attack, or other type of emergency.

The above is what makes security screens great tools for keeping your home safe from theft, burglary, and vandalism. To ensure you get the right security screens for your property, ask your supplier about the above listed features and visit websites like http://www.bondssecurity.com.au for more information.