Why You Should Install A Set Of Outdoor Blinds

Australians love being outdoors. As a nation, Australia has always tended toward sprawling back gardens and large verandahs: Australian homes are built with outdoor living in mind. If you live in a Queenslander, with their stunning fretwork verandas—or if you simply have a home with a large porch—you've probably considered having a set of outdoor blinds installed.

Outdoor blinds are a great idea for pretty much anyone who enjoys a little outdoor living—and here's why.

They'll offer heightened security for your possessions.

What can't be seen from the street is less likely to be taken, and drawn blinds over your verandah will hide everything from prying eyes. Many outdoor blinds will make a noise if bashed, which can act as an additional deterrent for would-be thieves when they're deciding whether or not to approach the house. You still need to take all the standard security measures, of course, but as an additional boost to your home security outdoor blinds are a great choice.

They'll help your outdoor furniture last longer.

Even the best-designed patio furniture will eventually rot from the rain, be damaged by the wind and fade from the sunlight. With a decent set of outdoor blinds, you can leave yours out all year round without needing to worry. Get a decent set and you won't even need to take your cushions and other outdoor soft furnishings in over the winter!

They'll give you all the privacy you could ask for.

If your outdoor space is overlooked by neighbours or visible from the street, a set of good outdoor blinds can help you feel less exposed and prevent the sensation of being on show—while still not blocking the light entirely. You'll find that you use your outdoor spaces more often when they feel like an extension of your home.

They'll keep your home cooler.

The more sunlight you block from your windows, the less heat your home will fill up with—and outdoor blinds can make a huge difference to that. You'll also be able to use your outdoor spaces without overheating so much if they're well shaded by a good set of blinds.

They'll give you another way to personalise your space.

You can buy your outdoor blinds in a huge range of styles, colours and designs, all of which will further enhance your outdoor decor. There's something about the look and feel of these blinds that adds a little class all by itself; the cool, shady feel of the spaces they create is appealing to many of us.

They'll keep your kids safe as they play.

We all know how important it is for children to play outdoors, but many parents worry that their kids won't be safe unless closely supervised. Outdoor blinds will mean that your children aren't visible from the street while playing on the front porch, which reduces the risk of their being spoken to or approached significantly. They also create a clearly defined space that your children are more likely to stay within and not be tempted to stray from.