Give These Home Security System Features a Second Look Before Buying

When it comes to home security systems, it may seem like there is no end to the number of features they can include. Motion detectors can be installed inside and outside the house, alarms can be attached to windows to detect any type of breakage, and cameras allow you to monitor every square meter of your property from your own phone. Because there are so many features available, note a few of those that you want to consider for your system, as they may, or may not, be the right choices for your home security needs.


Self-monitoring refers to a text or other signal being sent to your Smartphone when an alarm at your home is engaged. This eliminates the need for having a monitoring company on call, which can be quite expensive. You can then also decide on how to handle such notices; you might switch on cameras at home to monitor the situation, or may want to immediately alert emergency personnel. While this can give you  maximum control over how such alerts are handled when you're not at home, consider if you often need to switch off your phone, such as when you're in meetings, and if this would keep you from responding properly.


Zone control is very good for letting you set the alarm in various places around your house; for example, if you're on the back patio, you might want to set the alarm for the front of the house only, and vice versa. However, note if you zones would become confusing for you, and if you might forget to set certain zones. A busy family, with various people always coming and going in the home, might also set off some zone alarms unwittingly. Consider this feature carefully before including it as part of your alarm system, and ensure it would be easy to manage and not something cumbersome or bothersome.


Exterior floodlights can be useful as a means to scare off intruders; you can also more readily monitor exterior areas yourself when the floodlight come on. Before deciding on these lights, however, be sure they won't be bothersome to neighbours who are close by and who may not want their own property and windows flooded with bright lights from your property. Also, note if they may be bothersome to you as well! Putting them outside your own bedroom window can mean constantly waking up at night because of those lights. Be careful about their placement and how easily they get triggered if you do decide on floodlights.