Having a surveillance security system in your home is a good way to increase security. Choosing a good security system is the hard part. There are so many brands that claim to be the best presenting many features. A simple way to choose suitable surveillance is by looking at the features that the surveillance system offers.

Features of Good CCTV systems

Enough Memory & Cloud Backup

The system should have enough memory for storage for the data recorded. The system should also allow for increasing the storage space. Home owners who travel for long periods at a time may want to review what happened when they were away. Another form of storage is cloud storage. A good security system should be able to be connected on cloud storage. Cloud storage will reduce the amount of storage space used.

Remote Access

This comes in handy when you want to monitor your home from another place. Homeowners can view live footage of their home. You can also view stored footage remotely. Remote access may also include your smart home system. You can turn on the lights when you are away to give the impression that someone is home.

Clear Image & Wide Range

A good camera should show high definition video for more clear images. A high definition video shows distinctive images that may aid catch a burglar. These cameras are a little more expensive but they will last long. A wide angle is also advantageous. A camera with a wide angle covers a relatively larger are.

Motion Sensors and Automation

Motion sensors have improved over the years to sensing very slight movements. This feature goes well with automated recording. Automated recording happens when a security only records video in case motion is sensed. This automation feature goes a long way in saving storage space.

Security Systems Installation

The installation of CCTV systems is best done by experts. The security systems installation experts will recommend the package suitable for you. Determining your suitable package depends on your home's square footage and the external security you want. More cameras are needed to cover more space. The number of motion detectors used will be determined by the doors and windows you have. There is wiring consideration for the system. Check for companies that offer discounted security system installation to their customers.

 A CCTV system is an asset to your home. It is an extra layer of security to your family.